• Painted houses and not the way you would to put in a picture frame.
  • Packed monkfish at a fish processing plant for export to France, oh those crazy French.
  • Stood at the end of a 300º tunnel oven pounding pound cakes out of their cooking molds at Entenmann’s bakery. This was the good job there!
  • Counted cars at an intersection for a traffic monitoring company. “...99, 100, 101....oh damn, 1, 2, 3....” .
  • Demolished beach houses for renovation. “There’s no asbestos here, but you should hold your breath a lot...”
  • Drew writer portraits for a publishing company. There’s absolutely no other way I would have known about Ezra Pound's Cantos.
  • Head Steward at a Yacht Club. Also was their head bottle washer, toilet cleaner, barnacle scraper, cook...
  • Cut grass, shoveled snow; the kind of grass that is called a lawn and snow, the kind that falls from the sky.
  • Played drums in a rock and roll band - yeah!


  • Been on a boat; motor, sail, row, sinking.
  • Flown in a plane; big ones, little ones, jet ones, prop ones and a helicopter, “Don’t touch that button son...”.
  • Been on a bike, motorcycle, skateboard, roller skates, ice skates, waterskis, inner tube, roller-coaster, water-slide....
  • Drove a Volkswagen on an ice covered bay.
  • Traveled to Europe a couple of times but they kept sending me back.
  • Been down Memory Lane.
  • Stood on a glacier in the Alps - very slippery.
  • I’ve seen a lot of the United States but those travel tales would need a book or at least a periodical.
  • I’ve been around a Monopoly board a few times too.
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